RtCW HD Retexture Pack v0.23 Alpha

In May 2012, decided to create HD Retexture for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
This is my first attempt to create textures for games.

September 30, 2012 announced the project sunken.

In the current pack of about 60 textures.

Screenshots of RtCW HD Retexture Pack v0.23 Alpha:

Download RtCW HD Retexture Pack v0.23 Alpha:

hd_texture_pack_alpha0.23.zip 91.29 Мб

Installing and start

How to connect hd_texture_pack_alpha 0.23?

2 of option:

  1. in the game folder (not in main) create a folder retexture (for example);
  2. put. pk3 file in this folder;
  3. run as a mod and play


  1. put. pk3 file in the main;
  2. play


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